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Who will benefit the most from microdosing?

People who benefit the most, those who are not advised

Microdosing and psychedelics for mental health purposes have been a widely expanded theme this year. A lot of attention has been gathered around the subject: Netflix shows explaining it deeper, new studies being done and more and more people trying and benefiting from this practice. But is this something for everyone? Who are the ones that will benefit the most by including this ritual in their daily lives? And is there anyone that shouldn’t? Let’s explore this together.

As microdosing becomes worldly popular, it is important to consider the subject openly and with consciousness. Recent insights are revealing how microdosing can be an option to ease symptoms from conditions such as ADHD, PTSD, extreme stress, anxiety, depression, mood-disorders, burnouts and a number of different addictions (smoking, alcohol and drugs). Humans experiencing these circumstances could see their well-being improve when they start to explore a microdose practice. For first timers, it is always suggested to read all information thoroughly or get some form of coaching in order to feel supported and empowered in this next step.

Moreover, if your aim is to shyft your current reality, microdosing can also be an aid in overall lifestyle changes: promoting better sleep patterns, increasing flow states; boosting energy and creativity; benefiting productivity and focus; stimulating empathy, which certainly leads to a deeper and opener relationship with yourself and others surrounding you. Who does not want that? These favourable avails are clear and make us all excited for spreading the word to more and more individuals, who might embark on a positive enriching shyft.

Despite its noticeable wonders, microdosing is not a one-size-fits-all approach – like nothing in this life is. For certain groups it might be
the advise not to use psilocybin truffles. It’s not recommended to start microdosing if:

• You are younger than 18 years old;
• You are pregnant or breastfeeding;
• You have color blindness;
• You are in a situation in your life that is beyond your control (for instance: extreme grief);
• You combine it with alcohol (it’s not dangerous to drink a glass of beer/wine, but it is not beneficial for your microdosing process);
• You combine it with drugs;
• You are taking lithium carbonate;
• You are taking Tramadol;
• You are in the process of tapering off from antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication (please consult your physician first);
• You have a serious mental or physical condition or illness (please consult your physician first).


Even though you might not be able to try microdosing at this moment in time, it doesn’t mean it can not be a supportive tool later on on your path – we all keep changing. What matters the most is that you are working with tools that facilitate your overall health and improve your experience as a human being. Alternatively, you can maybe include mushroom adaptogens or other superfoods, such as cacao, to assist you on your journey. If it resonates, you can check what we have available here. We support you!

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Jo Caroline

Jo Caroline is a herbalist and visionary sociologist. She loves to explore and address themes surrounding nature and human relationships, to deepen the ways the two can cooperate and merge together.