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Microdosing Coaching

Support your shyft with coaching

Are you hesitant to start your microdosing adventure on your own? Or do you want to get the most out of this process and make sure to reach your goals? Starting this journey with one of our coaches might be the best option for you!

Coaching can be very beneficial for people who;

  • Need to get more creative, productive or effective
  • Feel they are not getting enough out of life
  • Feel stuck and find it difficult to move forward
  • Suffer from depression, burn-out or PTSS
  • Have difficulties coping with a busy life and stress
  • Suffer from migraine or cluster headaches
  • Want to align more with their inner self and live from the heart
  • Feel they need professional help with the practical aspects, like finding the right protocol, calibrating the dose and integrating the effects in their daily life in a good way

Coaching packages

Whether you only need a little bit of support to cover the basics or want maximum results with more in-depth coaching, we’ve got you covered!

Everyone has different motives to start microdosing, has different experiences and is at a different stage in their life. Therefore we offer multiple options of individual support and coaching. Just choose the level of guidance that you desire. We’ll make sure you feel completely comfortable to begin and get the best possible start for your shyft.

Check the links below our coaching options:

If you have a small question, please don’t hesitate to contact us via mail (or the contact form on our site). We aim to respond within a few hours: hello@shyftmicrodosing.com

Meet our coaches

We are very proud to have two experienced coaches in our team, Alicia & Gerline.

Alicia was one of the first microdosing and psychedelic coaches in The Netherlands and has many years of experience in guiding people with the help of microdosing and full dose ceremonies. She is specialised in depression, burnout and PTSD.

Gerline has made the switch from a successful career as a fashion stylist into totally devoting her life to working with plant medicine. She organises different retreats, offers female leadership programs and acts as a mentor for people who want to create radical transformation in their lives.

Have a look at their personal pages for more information.