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3-hour coaching package – Gerline


3 separate coaching sessions of 1 hour

  • 1st session: Before you start
  • 2nd session: Halfway your first cycle
  • 3rd session: At the end of your first cycle


Your SHYFT coach: Gerline
For more information about Gerline, check her personal page.

3-hour coaching package – Gerline

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Want to get the best guidance to help you make your desired SHYFT? Then our 3 hour coaching package is recommended for you!

This package is divived into 3 separate online coaching sessions, each one hour in duration;

1st session – Getting started – before you start your microdosing cycle
2nd session – What’s your SHYFT? – halfway your first cycle (on a microdosing day)
3rd and last session – Integration – at the end of your first cycle


Session 1 – Getting started
During this first session we explain you all the basics and zoom in on your personal situation to get you prepared for your first cycle.

  • Explanation of microdosing
  • How does psilocybin work
  • Which protocol suits you best
  • Find your sweet spot
  • Calibrate your dose / effect of a too high dose
  • Clear goals and intention setting
  • Breaking old patterns and create new ones


Session 2 – What’s your SHYFT?
This session takes place on a microdosing day. We’ll have a closer look at your life goals and personal desires.

  • Important: this will be planned on a microdosing day
  • What did you experience last weeks?
  • Are you on the right dose and protocol?
  • A deeper dive into your desires, needs and goals
  • How to align your patterns and habits with who you are
  • Which insights did you get? And how can you effectively integrate them into your life


Session 3 – Integration

  • Have you been able to integrate your insights? Or do they need more attention.
  • In which areas did you feel resistance? We will help you investigate why.
  • A reflection on your microdosing journey, from a total perspective (body, mind, social, and emotional)
  • How to create your future self: what do you need to make your next steps?


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