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Microdosing benefits


There is no reset button on your brain, but it looks like we are about to get as close as we can get.

Modern life gives us plenty of challenges. Many of us feel daily pressure to perform, and stress is always around the corner, which can quickly push you out of balance and can leave you experiencing a lack of focus, energy or creativity.

Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in microdosing truffles, can reshape cells in the brain, including building a better-connected global network across the whole brain on top of the individually operating brain networks. This increasingly shows potential for our brain to tap into otherwise inaccessible states, resulting in improved brain function and benefits for focus, memory, creativity, sleep pattern and athletic performance. It can help you work on mental blocks, break bad habits and aid overall balance.

psilocybin networks
Figure 1. the stable brain activity in a normal brain (left) vs the influence of psilocybin: an increased communication between different brain regions that are normally not strongly linked (right)


Are you ready to shyft to your higher self? Are you looking the create a feeling of oneness, more consciousness and experience a connection with everything around you on a deeper level? 

Our minds are very powerful; they help us create, plan, structure, imagine and logically understand life. But the brain is simultaneously fragmenting existence, breaking it down into thoughts, concepts, ideas and beliefs, preventing us from experiencing the oneness of it all. Think of it as looking through broken glasses, our ego creating an unclear perspective – making us believe we are thoughts and limited mental identities. 

Openness, calmness, and clarity are your natural states before the ego attaches and becomes your world. Microdosing can be a powerful tool to help you make a deep journey within and release the ego. Follow our protocol and set your intention to help you release old patterns, live a more ‘present’ life and experience your true self.


Recent studies have shown that microdosing with psilocybin, preferably combined with psychotherapy, may significantly reduce symptoms for a wide range of neurology indications. From depression to migraine/cluster headaches, anxiety and  various forms of addictions.  

If you are dealing with conditions like this, it might be worth investigating if microdosing can alleviate your symptoms. This might create a life-changing effect to a happier and healthier version of you. We strongly advise you to use the guidance of our coaches to support you in this process.

Microdosing can help with;

  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Burn-outs
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Various addictions, like smoking, alcohol and drugs
  • Mood-disorders
Always consult your healthcare practitioner first for personal medical advice. They can address any questions regarding your medical condition and the possible benefits or drawbacks of psilocybin for therapeutic use.