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Journaling – a few tips for effective self-reflection

Journaling - what does it add to your microdose experience?

When you are working on your microdosing process, especially if you do this to achieve a transformation in a certain area, journaling can be a very effective tool to support you and help you get better insight in your progress. Write a few minutes each day about what’s on your mind and how you’re feeling. It helps you reflect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Take some time for yourself and try to be present with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. As inspiration for topics to reflect on, ask yourself the questions below. Feel the answer and write down your first hunches! 


What was your intention?

How do you feel about your microdosing adventure and how does it affect your intentions? If you don’t have your intention clear yet, don’t worry, it will come out on its own.

Mental health, mood & emotions

How is your mood on a scale of 1-10? Do you feel happier? Less melancholy? Does your mood fluctuate during the days or is it more stable? Are your emotions in balance?


Do you experience the world around you lighter? Are you seeing better? How’s your hearing? And your smell? Or do things feel softer? Warmer? How does your food taste, does it taste the same or tastier?


How is your concentration, has it improved? Can you focus more easily? Do you feel more involved in projects or tasks? Are you less easily distracted?


Do you feel more creative? Do you understand better how things work? Are you better able to think out of the box and do you see alternative ways to tackle challenges more quickly? Have you become more artistic or do you write differently/easier? Do you feel less limited by mental blocks or thoughts in your head?


Do you feel more or less tense than usual? Do you feel calmer? Do you feel protected? Or more anxious? Describe how that feels, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Do you feel more outgoing? Do you want to spend more time with people and spend more time with friends? Or less? Do you experience more unity in yourself or more connection with others? How is your empathy towards people around you?


Can you better reflect on your own thoughts, feelings, actions and the words you use? Are you more aware of your behavior and how it affects the people around you? Do you feel more or less withdrawn personally and socially?


Do you train more often? Do you feel like you have more energy? Do you sleep better or deeper? Do you dream more vividly? Do you have more appetite or do you feel like cooking healthy? Do you drink alcohol less often? Do you smoke less? Do you take drugs less often? Do you suffer less from physical pain?


In general, how are you? Are you on the right dose, do you need to adjust it a bit? Do you see things in a different light? Do you feel that you benefit from your microdosing process? If so, in what way? If not, what do you think is causing this? What are your next steps? Do you feel like you have to keep going? Or not? Do you suffer from side effects or unwanted effects? And are you able to cope with this well?