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Iced Matcha & Lion’s Mane Latte

On a hot day it’s sometimes a bit more difficult to find your focus, days on which you could use a refreshing boost for your brain and body. For those moments, we have the perfect summer drink for you – iced Matcha & Lion’s Mane latte. A refreshing brain-boosting mix of energy and focus, the perfect summer drink!

These two superfoods are a great combination; Matcha gives you calm energy and focus and Lion’s Mane mushroom provides mental clarity and a sharper brain. And it’s very easy and quick to prepare.


How to prepare your Matcha & Lion's Mane summer drink?


50ml boiling water
1 gram (1 rounded tsp) Matcha Tea powder
2 gram (1 full tsp) Lion’s Mane mushroom powder
Almond or oatmilk
Ice cubes
Some honey (optional)

Scoop a (normal) teaspoon of Matcha powder and a full teaspoon of Lion’s Mane mushroom powder in a (wide) glass or cup. Add the boiling water and stir until it’s smooth. Put a hand of ice cubes in the glass and pour the almond or oatmilk on top. Add some honey if you like a bit of sweetness in your drink.

Stir a few times and your super easy brain-boosting summer drink is ready.