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Our microdosing products

Our microdosing truffles are a fresh product. Our expiration date is set to make sure you can use our products safely – provided it has been stored in the fridge. There is a safety margin on this date, so they might still be suitable for consumption after the expiration date. But we can not guarantee this; it’s your own responsibility if you consume them after this date.

An option for longer shelf life is to open the vacuum seals and dry the truffles. When you are interested in doing so, we advise you to cut them into small pieces. Let them dry on a kitchen towel, grind them and store in a dark and dry place.

This depends on your own preference. If you think the effects are too strong or the taste is not your cup of tea, you can swallow them with water – which is also recommended in the directions that are included in the package. By doing this, the psychoactive compounds are released slower and a time-release effect is created.

But chewing them is perfectly fine. Another option is to soak them in boiling water to make tea.

This totally depends on your personal sweet spot and the protocol that suits you best. For example, with the Fadiman protocol you have 10 microdosing days in a month. If your personal sweet spot is 0.8 grams truffles, you will need 8 grams for a monthly cycle – which is two packages.

Should you be following the Stamets protocol, you have 16 microdosing days in a month and you’ll need a supply of 12.8 grams of truffles for your cycle – which is three packages.

Please store your truffles in the fridge after you have received them. When unopened and cooled, they can be stored for around two months.

They can be stored out of the fridge for around 10 days, so there is no problem if your package should have a little delay. 

Should you want to preserve them longer, you have the option to cut them into smaller pieces, put them on a paper towel and let them dry at room temperature. Please be aware that by doing this, all the moisture will be removed from the product so the ratio of the psychoactive substance vs the weight changes – resulting in a lower weight for the same dosage as fresh truffles. You will need to recalibrate your dose to stay on your sweet spot.

Some suppliers offer microdosing products that contain 4, 8 or even more grams in one (vacuum) package–creating a possible health risk for their customers, as harmful mould can develop in 6 to 8 days after breaking the vacuum seal. As we only use vacuum-packed portions of 1 gram, we are able to ensure a completely safe product. Should you want to store and use your truffles longer than the expiration date, cut them into small pieces and let them dry on a paper towel.

Truffles are also called sclerotium or sclerotia (in plural). A sclerotium is a thickening of the mycelium. Mushrooms produce spores, and when those drop to the ground, they develop into mycelium, a wide network of fungal threads. Mycelium can grow (this is not the case for all mushroom species) fruiting bodies – which makes the circle round as fruiting bodies are also called mushrooms.

However, mycelium is so intelligent that it has a way of surviving bad conditions. Bad conditions are (weather-related) situations that are not suitable for mushrooms to sprout, think of extreme temperatures, a shortage of water or excessive moisture. In these cases, small clumps are formed and the mushroom uses them to store nutrients. Essentially waiting for better times. These clumps look like small nuts and we call them truffles, basically a part of the life cycle of fungi – a safe storage of resources.

These truffles contain exactly the same psychoactive substance (psilocybin) as the mushroom that would (eventually) grow out of it. And as they have psychedelic compounds, they are also called ‘magic’ truffles – referring to the effects that can be experienced when taking higher doses. 

Even though it has been proven that truffles do not cause psychological addiction, you should remain alert to your own relationship with psilocybin. The boost in self-confidence, energy, creativity and flow can be quite appealing due to the positive effects of microdosing. We always recommend pausing for 2 to 4 weeks after your cycle. The positive effects will remain and you will prevent building up a tolerance for the psychoactive substance.

 Microdosing is not addictive to a healthy and conscious person.

No. A microdose is 15 to 20 times less than a full dose and should be sub-perceptual (below the threshold of a changing perception).

To experience any disturbing physical effects like sensations in your body, perceptual disturbances, a hyped-up feeling like you can experience after a few cups of too-strong coffee or an overwhelming feeling of fatigue, you have exceeded your so-called sweet spot and your dose is too high. Please cut down your dose by 0.1 grams next time(s) to get back to your personal sweet spot.

Follow the instructions in our Microdosing Manual for the guideline of the correct dosing. Or book a 15 min support call if you need guidance on this topic.

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We ship to most countries within the EU (Europe) .

Unfortunately, we do not ship to the countries in the list below due to customs problems:

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Please note our microdosing truffles are 100% legal in the Netherlands. You are responsible for checking the legal status of psilocybin truffles in your own country. We are not responsible for the product being confiscated at customs.

Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the EU. Due to legality we only ship to (most) EU countries.

No shipping to:


This depends on the country you have ordered from. We do our best to ship within 24 hours and most orders placed before 12:00 PM noon, will be shipped the same day.*

Netherlands – next day delivery in most cases (if ordered before 12:00 PM)
Abroad: take 3-7 working days into account.

*Please be aware that it can take a little bit longer in busy periods or during holiday season.

We can and will not make any statements about the legal status of products in any other country as it is impossible for us to be informed about constantly changing laws in each country. We do not guarantee in any way that the information and products on our website are available, applicable or legally permitted outside the Netherlands.

Our truffles can be freely exported from the Netherlands under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission. But please bear in mind that the legal status has to be checked again in the country in which the product is important. Legal status may vary per country. The product is not under the control of the Psychotropic Substances Convention; this means that EU member states have no obligation to criminalize it. However, member states are free to ban this product in their national legislation. This does not alter the fact that the export of the product from the Netherlands is 100% legal.

If products arrive damaged or if they do not meet your expectations, you can return them and request a refund. Our return policy is 20 days.

Please note that fresh products, like our microdosing truffles, are exempted from being returned without a valid reason. In the unfortunate case that there is something wrong with your package(s), we will, of course, solve it for you.

For returns and refund requests, please see our Return & Refund Policy.

Microdosing & cycles

The recommended time to take your dose is, on an empty stomach in the morning. This way, it will be absorbed faster by your body. We advise you to swallow the truffles without chewing to create a time-release effect. 

In some cases people get tired after taking truffles. This could mean that you have put your body under too much stress and the fatigue comes to the surface. This effect should disappear after 1 to 2 weeks. However, some customers keep experiencing fatigue when taking psilocybin. If this is the case for you, it’s recommended to take your truffles one hour before bedtime (nightcap protocol). You’ll have a good night’s rest and still be able to reap the possible benefits of microdosing.

There is no generic answer to this question. If you are start with our 30-day protocol to improve your focus, feel more creative or  boost your energy, you might feel immediate effects that still continue to benefit you in your pausing period.

If you want to dive deeper into your subconscious or work on more serious mental challenges, like releasing inner trauma or searching for more inner balance, we recommend you to complete at least 3 cycles. This means 6 months in total, each time 30-days of microdosing followed by a one month break.

For depression, deeper trauma, and situations where you have to deal with the processing of emotional changes in your life, we recommend working with a coach. This enables you to reach deeper levels and have the support of our experienced professionals. 

We recommend you complete at least 3 cycles. This means 6 months in total, each time 30 days of microdosing followed by a one month break.


We strongly advise against the use of these products in the following circumstances:

  • You are younger than 18 years old;
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • You have colour blindness;
  • You combine it with alcohol or drugs;
  • You are taking lithium carbonate or Tramadol;
  • You are in the process of tapering off from antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication (please consult your physician first in this case);
  • You have a serious mental or physical condition or illness (please consult your physician first in this case).

Please consult your health care practitioner first if you have a medical condition to consider to starting microdosing.

We would like you to be aware of the fact that consuming (too much of) the following products in some cases can cause headaches and reverse effects.

Tyramine – found mainly in fermented foods such as: aged cheese, kombucha, overripe bananas.

Caffeine – coffee, energy drinks and tea containing caffeine.

Alcoholic beverages

Also try to avoid junk foods and artificial sweeteners. Even when not microdosing this is more beneficial for your body 😉

In line with contraindications, we do not advise starting microdosing with SHYFT psilocybin when taking antidepressants. This is not a good combination and can cause side effects (due to the stimulation of neuroreceptors). Consult your health care practitioner for the best method to taper off your medication. As soon as you have stopped you can start after three days. We do not give medical advice, but we do offer the opportunity to get started with the guidance of one of our coaches. They have experience with depression and can offer you the right support during your cycle.

The medications recommended for ADHD cannot be combined with the microdosing cycle. Users of psilocybin experience very good results without medication following a microdosing protocol. Ritalin (methylphenidate) acts, among other things, on the D2 dopamine receptors and neurons in the amygdala (this part of your brain is involved in primary emotions such as stress, fear and aggression). If your amygdala is overactive or out of balance, this can have a significant impact on your state of mind and happiness. The drawbacks are that Ritalin can be addictive, might confuse the amygdala and cause anxiety and nervousness.

Customers who have started with SHYFT microdosing truffles and have been diagnosed with ADHD experience that the microdosing helps to give more balance and peace of mind. In addition, it is also experienced that more focus and concentration can take place. We recommend taper off with Ritalin before starting your microdosing cycle. Please consult with your health care practitioner if you would like to know how to start tapering off. 

We recommend that you do not use any other drugs during your microdosing month. It is important to stop taking other drugs 3-7 days in advance so that the body can rest and come into natural balance.

Missing something?

We try to be as complete as we can in providing you with all the information you need. But if you feel certain information is missing in this FAQ (or elsewhere on our site), please do not hesitate to let us know at: hello@shyftmicrodosing.com