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Who will benefit the most from microdosing?

People who benefit the most, those who are not advised Microdosing and psychedelics for mental health purposes have been a widely expanded theme this year. A lot of attention has been gathered around the subject: Netflix shows explaining it deeper, new studies being done and more and more people trying and benefiting from this practice. […]

Iced Matcha & Lion’s Mane Latte

On a hot day it’s sometimes a bit more difficult to find your focus, days on which you could use a refreshing boost for your brain and body. For those moments, we have the perfect summer drink for you – iced Matcha & Lion’s Mane latte. A refreshing brain-boosting mix of energy and focus, the perfect […]

Journaling – a few tips for effective self-reflection

Journaling – what does it add to your microdose experience? When you are working on your microdosing process, especially if you do this to achieve a transformation in a certain area, journaling can be a very effective tool to support you and help you get better insight in your progress. Write a few minutes each […]

Setting intentions: 10 reasons why they will help you unlock your full potential

There is a lot going on in personal development communities about the ways various tools will set you up for success, and help you live your most authentic life. If you haven’t heard of microdosing with psilocybin, get ready to be amazed. For this tool, working with intentions is important to get the most out […]

Rejuvenate your creativity with Microdosing

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Carlos Santana, The Beatles and Jean-Paul Sartre. More and more artists, professors and inspiring leaders discover the influence of psychedelics on their work. Multiple studies show a relation between psychedelics and creativity. You may have heard about the different types of fungi that create the substance psilocybin? The common assumption is […]