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My search for natural sources and tools to maintain stable health started after living with a serious condition for many years. This resulted in a continuous balance between simply living and trying to stay healthy. On the one hand I am grateful for modern medicine, but at the same time, I became an expert in first-hand experiences with side effects and drawbacks of regular medication.

During the years, I have immersed myself in all kinds of natural supplements and traditional rituals and plant medicines – like medicinal mushrooms. I wanted to experience how I could support my body by boosting my immune system, fight inflammation and to improve my overall mental and physical health.

There are so many factors that affect us, from the thoughts and emotions we have to the people we surround ourselves with, how we organise our lives and what food we eat. We constantly receive a load of external impulses and signals about how society wants us to live, and what we should believe and perform—resulting in both physical and mental disbalance. But nature has given us as many tools to break these patterns and support you in your personal development and physical fitness.

Mushrooms and their medicinal properties are immensely fascinating to me. They can make a major contribution to our well-being, physical fitness and mental balance. It has been my own shyft to a better connection with myself, a healthier body and more balance that inspired me to share this. And make it known to a wider audience, with high-quality products for a fair price. This is how the idea for SHYFT Microdosing & Superfoods was born.

Our psilocybin truffles are fully natural and cultivated in the Netherlands. Just like our superfoods – 100% natural, from organic farming or sustainable wild harvesting, and certified organic to offer the highest quality.

I hope we can inspire and support you to make your desired SHYFT and unlock your full potential.

Peter Beentjes – founder


Picture of Alicia Vera Garcia
Alicia Vera Garcia

One of the first microdosing and psychedelic coaches in Europe, a trusted guide and microdosing expert.

Picture of Gerline Hornsveld

Gerline Hornsveld

An intuitive mentor, space holder and coach, with years of experience with plant medicine.

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